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Mission Statement & Foreword

May 2014

Nightshade Gallery is based in California, USA, which, though still only a fragment of the picture at large, remains a key region for independent music. It remains one of the major players for such music

nationwide. From the LA punk scene of the late 1970s on, we have seen a number of key players emerge in music. This site offers more details on such cultural happenings through pictures and content.

Many have often compared such music genres as a tree with branches that keep sprouting off. Punk, for instance, is no different and many different breeds have arisen over the years, many of which will be

discussed here. We will look at where music has been, and where it's going. This site will take a closer look at the phenomenon of music. Why music remains a force to be reckoned with to this day. That

there is another way of doing things in the music business than the same old, tired, corporate structure. It is about appreciating where these new sounds that have infiltrated the culture at large have come

from and where they are going. The idea is to demonstrate the appreciation of such music and we welcome your thoughts. Perhaps such music speaks to you as well and you have your own take on how it

has shaped you in your life. What does music mean to you? Please contact if you are interested in contributing to the site. In the meantime, thank you for visiting

History & Story

Night Shade Gallery (, formerly,,, and (Internet Radio), has returned to provide beautiful photography of Art, Artist, experience's, & stories. was originally a web site called starting back in 1997 by our year founder Alex Beltran II when he graduated with his first AA Degree in Computer Information Systems. Since then the founder has

broken through area's of education & graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mass Communications to tie things up with internet, audio, and visual information of rich music, art, and culture here at

We have hope's to bring audio content, band interview, and alertrnate information. Our hope's and dreams are to provide space for our Writers, Photographers, and Web Broadcasters space, and bandwidth to express our experiences in the art world.

If you would like to financially contribute to this site, please visit for a link to give us the financial boost that WE NEED.

Many of the original photo's found at the early stages of this site are from 1990 to Y2K, back when 35mm film was the standard before digital photography became popular. A huge investment of film, processing, and time have been taken in order to bring

this site together for your viewing enjoyment, critique, and comment's. We consider many of these earlie photograph's to be taken in the gorilla photography style with the idea of do with what you have photography, and shoot from the hip to see what will

become of it. Many of these photo's are raw, in the moment, and specifically capturing the peak of expressionism as the photographer knew when the peaks and high note's of many of the song's were at their highest extremity. We would like in the futures reversion of this site

to include a media library for interviews, and audio files. If you would like to financially contribute, or donate funds to Night Shade Gallery visit our KickStarter linke below:

We NEED Volunteers

If you are interested in taking part in this growing web site, please email if you can contribute your skills, talents, web prduction, photoshop, or writing tallents, as that is what this site is really all about ... people, and music.

Please email your resume if you have one, samples of images, or writing samples, and how they would relate with this site. We also love links, and audio files emailed to us, and specifically press passes, tickets to show's, and

gig's, as we can write reviews, and interviews.

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