Aussie Rules: All in the Family game of family games

Aussie rules: All In The Family game is a family-focused sport in which a team of five players (one male and one female) attempt to score as many points as possible while defending their home state from opponents from around the world.

There is also a team option for teams that do not have five players, so they play in a game where there are no rules but where the goal is to score points.

It was launched in 2011 by the Australian Rugby League Association.

The ABC has compiled a selection of highlights from the game.

What to expect: The game is played in Australia on Thursday night and is televised live on ABC1.

The competition will see a total of 16 teams from around Australia competing to be the last team standing at the end of a three-match series.

In this season’s edition, the competition has been split into two rounds, with the first round taking place on Thursday, and the second round on Sunday.

All four matches will be broadcast on ABC3, but a selection will be available for those who prefer to watch live.

Aussie team rosters are available on the Australian Rules website and you can find out more about the teams at

The rules for the game are simple, with each team playing each other as one team, and each team only having one possession.

A team’s goal is either a point or a goal to take from their opponent.

The game can also be played in pairs, with two players on each team.

The scorers for the teams are also named after their state and country of origin, so a team that is from Tasmania is named Tasmania’s Aussie Team.

The players in the Aussie family have the following skills: • Ability to pick up ball in the air • Ability in kicking and passing • Ability on the ground • Ability kicking and throwing • Ability passing • Speed • Hand-eye coordination • Ability at kick-off • Ability for passing the ball with hand • Ability and leadership skills • Ability with the ball and goal • Good at running and kicking Aussie games can be played on any day of the week.

All in The Family will be played at the AAMI Park in Melbourne on Saturday afternoon (a match with a maximum of 20 teams).

The game will also be broadcast in South Australia on Friday evening (a game with a minimum of five teams).

All four games will be live on TV2 and will be simulcast on ABC2 at 9.30pm (AEST) on Saturday.

It is expected to attract around 3.5 million viewers, with AAMI Stadium in Melbourne hosting the first two games.

For more information about the game and how to watch, head to

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