Disney’s new family movies to open in 2017, 2017: New family cast

Disney is introducing a new family movie lineup for 2017, including new family comedies The Promise and The Promise 2, which stars Ellen DeGeneres and Will Ferrell.

The two new comedies will be released by the company’s Family Select Group and will hit theaters in 2017.

The first installment will be available in 2017 and will star Will Ferrer as an ex-military officer, with DeGenere as a young woman who is forced to live in the military and a female military officer as her daughter.

The Promise follows an ex Navy SEAL who joins the U.S. Marine Corps and eventually becomes an instructor.

The film is expected to be the first Disney family comedy since 2016’s The Wedding Singer.

The Wedding Song will be a new Disney family film released in 2018, but it’s not expected to hit theaters until 2019.

Disney will release a family comedy movie from its Select Group in 2019.

Disney is also bringing back The Lion King and the new family comedy film, Finding Dory, which will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

The Finding Dories featurette from The Lion Queen is due out in 2018.

Disney will release its first family film from the Select Group on December 12, 2019.

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