Family feud questions: How to answer the question of who should pay child support?

Family lawyer Anushka Pandey has shared a guide on how to answer this question of how to decide on who should get what.

Family lawyer Anish Kumar Pandey shares a guide for answering the question whether your family member should pay for the child’s schooling expenses.

The answer is, of course, no.

If you have an issue with the fact that your child is a burden to you, then it is advisable to talk to a family law lawyer for help.

It will help you understand how to get the best outcome for your family.

Here is how:A child has to go to school.

But there are other issues with school attendance.

For example, if you have a young child who doesn’t have a parent, it is very important to ensure that he goes to school and not to an institution for special needs children.

And a young person needs to learn about the world outside the classroom.

But, if a child doesn’t get enough attention in school, then he or she can end up being a burden.

If the parent is also busy, the burden will also increase.

If your child has a disability, then school attendance is not as important.

But if your child does not get enough time to go for regular physical examinations, then the burden can be added on.

If you don’t have the money for regular tests, then you should talk to your family lawyer about whether there is an issue regarding the disability.

Your child needs to be educated for a period of time.

If there is no support, then they can end the relationship, said Anish.

If your child still has questions, he should ask the family lawyer.

The answer is that the child should not be educated.

The child should be educated in his own home.

If his parents don’t want him to attend school, the parents can also go to court.

If the parents don´t want him, then parents can get a court order to bring the child to school or a court summons to bring him to school to learn.

If parents can´t do either of those, then, the parent will be asked to pay child maintenance.

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