‘Happy’ mom who died of cancer leaves Facebook post to show support

A family friend of a man who died from brain cancer at the age of 30 says the Facebook post is a way to show the community that his passing was not a one-off tragedy.

Ryan Hart, a family friend and former doctor, posted the message on Facebook on Friday, which was titled, “Happy to see you again and hope you are all well!”

The post said Hart had been diagnosed with cancer in January and was in the hospital for five months before his death on March 10.

It is unclear what caused Hart’s cancer, but Hart had a history of brain cancer.

The post read:”My best wishes to everyone who has lost someone dear to you in this way.

We miss you Ryan Hart, the greatest dad and husband I have ever known.”

The Facebook post was written by Hart’s mother, Toni Hart, who said her son would never be forgotten.

“My son loved to talk about his past.

He told us he had a big crush on a young girl he met on a dating app,” Toni said.”

He always said he wanted to be a doctor but he was never able to get his licence.””

I was told my son had a long history of medical issues that required surgery and it was only a matter of time before he had to go through this.”

Toni said her family had been shocked by Harts death and her grief.

“Ryan was one of the nicest people I have met in my life,” she said.

Hart’s death shocked family and friends who knew him well.””

When you hear stories of other people who have lost loved ones and this is Ryan, you just want to cry.”

Hart’s death shocked family and friends who knew him well.

“I know he was so happy for us and for our family,” Tino said.

“He was very happy to see us again and that’s what he wanted.”

That was the last thing I expected when he died.

“Hart was an assistant professor at the University of Sydney’s medical school, and he was a popular doctor with family and patients.

He had just completed his first year as a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the university when he went to work at a clinic for elderly people in Sydney’s north-west.

He was in his final year at the clinic when he was diagnosed with brain cancer in February 2015.

He began treatment at Sydney’s University of NSW Hospital in May 2016 and returned to work a month later.

Hart died two weeks after he returned from his second surgery, leaving behind a wife and four children.

His wife, Tonia, was one day away from giving birth to their third child when she was diagnosed by doctors with cancer.

She told the ABC that they were still in denial that she had cancer.”

When it came time for me to be told what had happened to me, I didn’t want to be able to have another baby,” she told ABC Radio Sydney.

Toni Hart said that her husband was a great father and husband.”

His parents would have loved him.

He would have been a great dad and grandfather,” she added.

Tonia Hart said her husband would have wanted her to continue her career as a doctor.”

There are a lot of things that I have wanted to do in life but I never thought that I would ever be able go and be a full-time doctor,” she explained.”

It’s so sad that it’s all over but it’s very sad that this is all over.””

Ryan would have really loved to be doing his part in helping others, he would have enjoyed doing this.

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