How to be a royal family tree

This article was originally published in September 2018.

The royal family, or as we know it, the ‘royal families’ is an extremely long list of people who have had a huge impact on British society and its way of life.

The British royal family have made a huge contribution to our nation’s history, and we can only wish them well.

The first royal family to come to power was Queen Victoria, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II in 1901.

Victoria became Queen of England in 1903.

She and her family moved to London from the Isle of Man in 1904, and were the first royal families to leave England for the British mainland in 1917.

Victoria was the first British monarch to travel abroad to join the First World War.

Queen Victoria and the Royal Family Victoria is the most famous British monarch.

She was born in the British Isles, and has been Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland since 1859.

Victoria’s son, Prince Philip, became the heir to the throne in 1960, when he was 17 years old.

Victoria and Philip’s son Prince Philip became the first ever British monarch, having been crowned on the island of St John’s Day.

The family are known for their deep affection for the Royal family.

When Victoria died, her son, Princess Anne, took her place.

Anne and her husband Prince Philip had three children: Prince Charles, Prince George, and Prince Harry.

In addition to Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I is known for her family ties.

She is the first Queen of Great Britian and Ireland to have a son.

Her great-great-grandmother Lady Mary Queen of Scots was a friend of Queen Victoria.

She became Princess of Wales in 1891 and served as a member of the British parliament for the rest of her life.

She died in 1903, aged 85.

The last queen to reign in Britain was the Queen Elizabeth of Scotland, who died in 1952.

Queen Elizabeth is considered the most influential monarch in British history, but her family have also played a large part in British society.

Queen Mary and her sister Queen Elizabeth had three sons: Prince William, Prince Harry, and Princess Charlotte.

In 1926, William and Harry became the heirs to the British throne, but Princess Charlotte died shortly after the coronation.

In 1950, a second child was born to Princess Elizabeth.

The Princess Royal, Princess Beatrice, was the last of the ‘family trees’ to come into existence, after her mother, Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, died in 1951.

Margaret and her son Prince Harry became Princess Royal of England, and she served as his governess in the House of Lords from 1957 until her death in 1999.

She had three daughters: Princess Anne and Princess Margaret.

In 1976, Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip of Spain, who became Prince Philip IV of Spain.

He was the youngest of the three sons of Queen Elizabeth.

His marriage to Princess Beatrix of Britain marked the end of the line for her mother and father, Princess Mary and Princess Anne.

Queen Margaret died in 1974.

She left the throne to her daughter, Queen Anne.

The Prince of Wales, Prince William of Wales was the only child of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

He became the Prince of Cornwall and Earl of Wessex in 1973, when his father Prince Philip died.

He is the longest-serving Prince of England.

Prince William married his third wife, Princess Eugenie of York, in 1987, but they separated in 2003.

In 2002, Prince Andrew married Princess Eugensia of York.

He married his fourth wife, Prince Eugenia of Cambridge, in 2003, and he was the fourth to wed after the death of Princess Eugeny of York in 2005.

He will have three children, Prince Peter, Princess Charlotte, and Duke of York (and heir to both of the House).

Prince William and Prince Andrew were both born in London, and they both spent time in Cambridge.

William and Andrew became brothers in 1987.

The Queen Elizabeth and Prince George are the oldest living royals, with the oldest surviving, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, being born in 1959.

Prince George was the eldest of the four Prince Georges born to Queen Elizabeth, and was the oldest male heir to Britain’s throne at the time of his birth.

He also has the youngest sibling in the family, Princess Alice, born in 1976.

Prince Harry is the second oldest living heir to his father, Prince Michael of Kent, who is currently living in the United States.

He has two children, Duke Harry, born 2006, and Harry, who was born 2007.

Prince Charles has the longest living sibling in Britain, Prince Leo of Spain and Princess Beatriz of Spain with Princess Beatrígia of Spain born in 1996.

Prince Rupert is the oldest of the Prince and Princess Williams, with Princess Eugenerie of Scotland born in 1998.

Prince Andrew is the youngest heir to Prince Charles’s throne, with Prince Harry born in 1997. Prince

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