How to beat cancer in 2018

The most common way to beat the most common cancer, which affects more than 60 million people worldwide, is to make sure you’re getting the right medicines, and not the wrong ones.

Here are the 10 best ways to avoid or slow down the spread of cancer.


Don’t overdo it: There’s no such thing as too much of anything.

The key to avoiding cancer is to keep taking your prescribed drugs, but do make sure that you’re doing them in the right order.

If you take any of the following medicines together, your chances of catching cancer will drop by 50% and your chances will increase by 40% if you start to take more of them together: aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, naprapentol, paracetamol, naprolizumab, prednisone, predaqualone, or prednisolone.


Use common sense: The more likely you are to develop cancer if you take the wrong medicines together the more likely it is that you will catch it, and the more time it will take you to catch it.

For instance, if you use naproxene and ibuprinos in the same pill, your odds of developing cancer will be about 50% more than if you just take one pill.

You may also want to consider using an anti-nausea drug, such as the generic ibuprias or naproxin.

It is also recommended to keep the temperature under 35°C (90°F), and keep the amount of alcohol you drink under 4 units (10ml) per litre of blood.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs together increases your chances by 50%.


Talk to a GP if you’re concerned about side effects: Your GP should be able to tell you which medicines you need to be taking at the right dose and in the correct order.

They may also suggest other medicines you may need, or advise you how to get the most benefit from them.

For example, if your GP has prescribed a particular painkiller that is not compatible with the rest of your medicines, they may suggest taking it in the form of a capsule or tablet.

If your GP tells you that you should not take any medicines together or is concerned about your risk of developing lung cancer, ask them to explain why.


Don “dive in” to new treatments: The chance of catching a cancer is much lower if you wait until you are very old to get on a new treatment.

The first step to avoiding catching cancer is making sure that your tumour has stopped growing, and to avoid taking drugs that cause you to grow tumours.


Stay away from the sun: Cancer is not spread in the air and it doesn’t hurt much when it does.

It also doesn’t cause much irritation in the skin, so it is much easier to avoid the sun.

If, however, you do have a skin problem or have had sunburn, it is important to get out and shower regularly, and wash your hands regularly.

If the skin is very red or inflamed, it may be helpful to wash your face and wash the area around your eyes, neck, and face with soap and water.


Talk with your GP about other medicines: If you’re not sure about the kind of medicine you are taking, ask your GP or other healthcare professional.

Some medicines are available over the counter, so you should check the label carefully.

Ask your GP to tell them if you think you might have a side effect or to check if there are any side effects to other medicines.


Avoid smoking: Smoking has been linked to a higher risk of lung cancer in some people.

This can also be caused by smoking, particularly secondhand smoke, but the risk is less in people who smoke regularly.

To reduce your risk, avoid smoking altogether.


Drink plenty of water: This will make you feel better.

It will also help prevent dehydration and the build-up of toxins in your body.


Avoid alcohol and tobacco: Alcohol and tobacco can make you irritable and make you more likely to develop asthma, which increases your risk for developing lung or liver cancer.


Take lots of exercise: Exercise is essential to the health of your body and your immune system.

If exercise is hard, it can also damage your kidneys, liver and bones.

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