How to ‘Buckle up’ after the latest family feud

The latest round of feuds between the NRL and its big brother NRLF are about to come to an end.

With the league’s biggest franchises at loggerheads over who will be the next leader of the NSW Origin team, NRLF chief executive Greg Chappell has suggested that his brother has the last laugh.

“I’m not sure what his strategy is going to be for a couple of weeks, I’m not going to comment on it,” Chappel said.

“We have to take the time to think through the situation and see what our options are.”

But with the NRL’s biggest clubs keen to keep their stars away from each other for the foreseeable future, Chappl said the NRLF had no choice but to act quickly.

“This is the worst we’ve ever seen it, it’s like a roller coaster ride,” Chapel said on NRL Tonight.

“If you look at the history of it, in the last five years it’s been one of the worst things that’s happened to the game.”

So we have to make sure we make a decision in the next couple of days, and we’ve got to think about the long-term.

“The NRLF and NSW Origin will play a one-off clash at the Sydney Cricket Ground in March, and Chappll has said that could be a big factor in deciding who will lead the NSW side.”

It’s not a bad game.”NRLF CEO Greg Chapple says the NRL is not interested in any sort of conflict after the Origin series between the NSW and NSW Cup sides.”

So there’s nothing that we can do about it other than take that game and have a great game.

It’s not a bad game.”NRLF CEO Greg Chapple says the NRL is not interested in any sort of conflict after the Origin series between the NSW and NSW Cup sides.

But the NRL has been left to wrestle with the fallout from the Origin Series as a result of the feud between the two sides.

Chappel was asked about the Origin controversy when he addressed the NRL media at a press conference in Melbourne last week, and he reiterated his brother’s words.

“The NRL is absolutely not interested, it has nothing to do with us, it is not an issue,” he said.NRL chief executive Josh Strauss said the Origin rivalry would be the last straw for both sides.

“That’s the last thing we want to do, the last place we want it to be,” he told reporters.

“There’s a lot of anger around Origin and Origin is something that’s been going on for quite a long time.”

“I don’t want it being a repeat of what happened in the Origin and now Origin and we’re just going to sit back and watch it play out and let it play its course.”

The last-minute Origin clash between the teams will not be played in 2017, with the next game set for the first two weeks of next year.

Chapple said he believed the two teams would not be able to avoid each other in the coming years, and said the sides were willing to work together to try and bring some stability back to the NRL.

“They’ve been talking about it, they’ve been working together, it was a really tough one,” Chapps said.

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