How to buy a home in the Indian state of Gujarat

1 / 14 The Times Of India Buy photo An artist’s depiction of the proposed ‘Gujarat Model’ by Mumbai’s Mumbai City Centre and Central Architecture and Planning Committee, showing the proposed home.

(Courtesy: Mumbai City Central)A controversial proposal to build a model house in the city of Mumbai has hit a snag in the state’s Legislative Assembly, which has yet to finalise the proposal.

The committee’s proposal has been opposed by local community leaders and is expected to fail.

The proposed model house would have been built with a glass roof, a glass wall, a concrete floor and a metal roof, which is designed to prevent damage to the structure.

However, the proposal has received strong support from the local community, who have organised a campaign to support it.

The council has already set aside a fund for the development, which will also be used for building services for the community.

“The proposal is very positive and it is a step in the right direction.

The community is ready for this,” said a senior advocate who has been involved in the community’s campaign.

The model home, if approved, will be the third such proposal to be proposed in Gujarat, with the first being the proposed house in 2016.

It was rejected by the legislature, which said the project would not be beneficial for the state.

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