How to get a more family-friendly health care system in 2018

I’m a family doctor who treats kids and their families.

I know the difference between the “family” and the “health care” in my practice.

When we started out, we focused on primary care, but the Affordable Care Act made primary care accessible to all Americans.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently reported that primary care is the number one health care priority for the entire country, and I think we can all agree that kids are among the most important health care issues of our generation.

But we also need to focus on a lot of other things that are important to us, too.

We’re also getting a lot more people in our communities and we’re seeing a lot fewer children and their parents.

And so, when we do have kids in our practice, we do see a lot less family-focused care.

When kids have their own families, we want to be there for them.

And when they get to school, we need to make sure that they get the education they need.

I’m here for families, and that’s what I do.

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