How to get the best family movie in your life

The most famous family movies have the most expensive content.

That’s what Netflix has been telling us, as they’ve added two more family-friendly movies to their catalog.

While most people can afford to fork over $10 or $20 for a family film, you’ll likely pay much more for a premium movie, like “The Secret Life of Pets.”

If you’re looking to watch the most family-orientated films of the bunch, though, Netflix has a few recommendations.

Netflix has added “A Trip to Italy” and “Mama” to its list of “Best Family Movies.”

“Mudbound” and the sequel “The Journey” have also been added to the list.

Netflix also has a list of 10 films that will bring home the most “best” awards at the Emmys, which we’ll share soon.

And finally, there’s a list that highlights all of the movies that were nominated for best documentary at this year’s Emmys.

Netflix is only releasing the first two films listed below.