How to get your child into court

Parents must be aware that the child who gets into the court system will often have to be represented by a solicitor or someone with specialised knowledge of child law.

What can you expect?

Child welfare organisations often use a range of resources, including child and family courts, mediation and child protection teams, to help parents get children into court.

Child protection officers are often present at court to help families.

When the case is resolved, the child may be sent to a secure home or to care homes.

What happens to the child?

A child can only be released to a parent or guardian when the court has agreed.

A judge will then decide whether the child can be placed in the care of a child protection team.

Parents are usually responsible for their own children and will usually be given a court order requiring them to be supervised in their care.

When a child has been placed in care, it can be difficult to decide whether or not they should be placed with a care home.

Parents should ask the court to determine if they should remain in the custody of the care home or be released into the care system.

They will then be given an application form, which must be accompanied by their child’s birth certificate, and they must complete a form confirming they want to remain with the care.

A court order may also require them to pay a fee to the carer or guardian.

Parents can ask a court to order a child to be placed into a specialised child protection unit.

These units provide specialist support for the child and their parents.

When an application is made to the court, the court can either decide to release the child to a carehome or they may decide to place the child in the child protection system.

The court may also decide that a court will consider the child’s interests when deciding whether to release or place them in the system.

Where do I go to court?

If you are looking for advice about child protection, the best place to start is by talking to a child welfare specialist.

Child welfare experts will be able to provide advice on how to navigate the courts system, the rights and responsibilities of parents and children, and how to work with a family law team.

For more information, see the Australian Government’s Child Welfare Guidelines for Families and Children.

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