How to name your children’s birthdays

Proud families in the United States are making the most of the holiday season to honor their children.

In an effort to promote the birthdays of their children, the United Cerebral Palsy Association of North America is giving away a pair of hats with their names on them.

“We were told that our firstborn, Andrew, was going to be born on Dec. 12,” said Nancy Sorensen, who owns the Sorenesen House and Bed and Breakfast.

“And that’s when we thought, ‘Wow, we’ve got to make something for him to wear.’

So we went to the internet and found out that the Soresens are celebrating Andrew’s birth day, Dec. 15, by making a hat out of a pair that his grandmother had worn in the 18th century.”

The Soresen House is located in the heart of the American West, just across the border from the border with Mexico. “

I wanted him to feel special.”

The Soresen House is located in the heart of the American West, just across the border from the border with Mexico.

Its founder, Margaret Sorenen, has been the head of the Sorenson House since 1971, and the Sorean American community has long depended on her hospitality.

The Sorennen House has a large front window and windows that open out onto a lawn and a patio, making it easy to see the surrounding land and its trees.

The house is open seven days a week and offers family dinners, music and cultural events.

Sorensens grandmother, Alice Sorentsen, also lived in the Somesen House.

Alice Sorenntsen and her son, William, are the oldest children of Margaret Sorenn and Robert Sorene.

Alice was born on April 15, 1842, and William was born four days later.

“This is just a very nice gesture,” Sorennsen said.

“It was very meaningful for them to be able to celebrate Andrew’s birthday,” Soreson said.

The birthday hats are made out of felt, a fabric made by sewing a strip of cotton, over a metal rod and then pasted onto a wooden frame.

The Soresnens also used their own cotton fabric, but this was a different fabric made to commemorate their firstborn’s birthday.

The hats have been a big hit in North Carolina, with some families giving away 20 of them in the past year.

“They’re so cute and they really go with the theme,” Srinner said.

Sorenn said she plans to give away another 200 in the coming weeks.

She said that’s because of her daughter’s birthday coming up, so she wanted to do something to commemorate her family’s traditions.

“She was the youngest child when we got here,” Serenntsen said.

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