How to take the plunge with a nudist beach trip

Nudists are in for a rude awakening this summer as they begin to experience the heat of summer on the water.

Nudist families will be able to go on a trip to the beach in the Bahamas, with the help of a guide. 

The trip is being organised by a nudism organisation in the United States, called Nudity International, and is being called a ‘family vacation’. 

The group, which is run by Australian nudist and photographer Robyn Buell, is calling it a ‘nudist family vacation’ after she and her husband Robyn were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Nudist vacations are not just for the ladies, with many nudists also having family and friends. 

There are nudist camps and swim lessons, nudist resorts and events.

They will be in the sun and enjoying it. 

Robyn, who lives in Queensland, said she was excited to be going on the nudist holiday and said the trip would be something that she could ‘experience’ in person.

“We’re excited because we have so many family members that we love, so we can experience what it’s like to have a family and family time together,” she said. 

She said she and Robyn had been living in Australia for the last six months and had already started looking forward to their trip.

“We’ve been trying to find the best places to go, the best activities to do,” she told New Scientist. 

“There’s been a lot of work going on here to try to get us to the point where we’re all comfortable enough to do this.” 

Buell said the beach trip was about going “home”.

“We have a whole range of things that we could do here, and it’s all about being able to come home to a home where you can really relax and not be overwhelmed by things that are going on in the world,” she explained.

“So it’s about being back to where we want to be, to our home, and to the places we want.”

Buello said the nudists were not looking to make the trip for any specific reason.

Instead, the trip was just about coming together.

“Our goal is to be able, for our family, to come and have a good time together, and we can all be the best nudists we can be,” she added.

“And we hope that we can do it in our family.

 “If we’re going to do it, we’re definitely going to go in the right direction.”

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