How to tell the royal family from the royal tree

Royalty and family have long been a common theme in British films and television, but the royal line has always been a source of controversy.

Now, new research shows it is an extremely accurate indicator of the royal ancestry of British children.

The Royal British Legion’s research found that nearly three quarters of British kids are descended from royal families, but there is no way to know if that ancestry is as pure as it claims.

“The Royal Family has become a very controversial issue because of the recent Royal Mail scandal, but in reality there is very little evidence that the Royal Family are in any way a family, and the British public is very much a mixture of people from all walks of life,” said the Royal British Regiment’s Chief Historian, Mark Roberts.

A study published last year by researchers from Oxford University and the University of Cambridge looked at the family tree of more than 1.2 million children born between 1857 and 2015.

Using DNA data, the researchers analysed the DNA of more 1.5 million people to see which of their parents had royal ancestry, and whether that ancestry was close to a pure royal line.

They found that the proportion of people with royal ancestry that were closer to a royal line was 1.9 per cent.

But there are plenty of people who do not have royal ancestry and so, as Roberts said, the royal lineage is a more accurate indicator than the family itself.

Roberts said the study also revealed that people who were born in Scotland and Ireland tended to have more royal ancestry than those born in Britain.

So, if you are born in the UK and your family has a family tree, then there’s no evidence that your royal lineage originated from a family of pure Britishness.

And as for whether you are a royal ancestor, Roberts said it is hard to know.

If you look at the DNA profile of people born in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the results are very similar, with only a little more than half of those people having royal ancestry.

While there are some exceptions, the study showed that there was a close correlation between the Royal family’s ancestry and the average IQ of British citizens, with those with the lowest average IQs in the study being more likely to have royal ancestors.

For example, the Scottish born are twice as likely to be descended from King George VI than the Irish born, and three times as likely as the British born.

Although it is not the case that the British royal lineage causes a greater IQ deficit among British people, Roberts added that the UK is a rich country and has a lot of people of great intelligence.

One of the researchers involved in the research, Andrew Ladd, said the findings highlight the importance of testing families as part of a wider population study.

However, the findings do not mean that British children are not genetically similar to their British peers, he added.

He said the British people are not like the British, but it is important that British people learn more about their heritage and their ancestry.

“What we are learning from this study is that people from the UK are actually very different from British people and that British history is one of the major achievements of our country,” he said.

Ladd said the results also showed that the majority of British people do not know they are descended as a family.

“This finding is that it is very difficult to test people from different parts of the world and the majority don’t know that they are related, and that they have a very different DNA profile from people from other parts of Europe and other countries,” he added, describing the study as an important reminder to those who do know they have British blood that they should be careful.

This story has been updated to clarify the UK population and the number of people in each country.

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