How to watch the American family reunion on TV

The American family has had an unbroken run of great American comedy shows since its introduction in 1950.

But it’s not always the case that family-friendly sitcoms are necessarily the best show to watch.

In fact, the American sitcom has often had a less than stellar reputation. 

There are many reasons why, from its lack of diversity, to its focus on the white male family, to the lack of women or minorities in the cast. 

What follows is a list of some of the more notable comedies from the 20th Century that were written by and for white men.1.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1951)The Mary Hughes Show started as a Saturday morning talk show. 

It quickly became the most watched talk show in the US. 

The show was an homage to the late comic, comedian and author Mary Tyler-Moore, who was one of the first black women to host a television program. 

Mary Hughes played a mother who taught her three children the arts and helped them achieve success. 

After a brief stint as a teacher, Hughes went on to write many successful children’s books and wrote several novels including The Love Story of Bob and Me and How to Make Love to a Bear. 

This show was a perfect example of the “good old days” when black women were seen as a good, hardworking type of person and as talented as anyone else. 

But as time went on, the show became more and more about the “white woman” and was often seen as sexist. 

“The Mary Higgins Show was so popular because it was so black,” said former US president Barack Obama. 

Now, it is being revived as a sitcom series. 


The Jeffersons (1953)Jeffersons was the only sitcom that featured two women in a lead role. 

One was Mary Higgins, a white female writer who was married to the creator of The Jefferson. 

In the series, Higgins played the role of the show’s lead. 

Her character was the voice of reason and the show explored the complicated family dynamics that existed between Mary and her mother. 

While it did not feature a black character, the series did feature black writers and performers. 

Higgins, now an actor, is the only woman to ever write a single episode of a sitcom. 


The Beverly Hillbillies (1960)Beverly Hillbillys was a sitcom about a suburban white couple. 

They were the parents of a white child and a black child. 

Their son, Sam, was a talented musician who was on his way to becoming a star. 

Despite the sitcom’s success, the family was not the most popular family in America. 

Sam Hillbilly was born with a rare genetic disorder, called congenital cerebral palsy. 

He struggled with speech and communication skills, and his condition led to him not being able to communicate with anyone. 

Although he and his parents eventually met and married, their relationship was not always easy. 


The Munsters (1963)The Munster family was a popular sitcom that starred the famous black actor, Sam Hillbillys. 

Hillbilly and his wife, Marjorie, were a successful film and television producer and the couple had two sons, John and Robert. 

At the beginning of the series the show was criticized for featuring an over-the-top depiction of a black family. 

However, after Hillbills first appearance on the show, many black viewers said they found it more relatable. 

As the show progressed, Hillbillo began to become more sympathetic to Hillbillings struggles with his condition. 

On the show his parents tried to take him to the doctor, but were unable to do so. 5.

The Cosby Show (1976)The Cosby show was the first sitcom to be hosted by a black man. 

Colin Quinn, a black actor who was an assistant to Bill Cosby, took over the hosting duties. 

Quinn played the titular character, a former drug addict who was also a drug dealer. 

According to the show legend, the two started a drug empire that they would later call the Cosby empire. 

For a time, Quinn even tried to sell the show to CBS. 


The Wiggles (1984)The Wigles was the sitcom that introduced the concept of the African American family.

The show featured the Wiglets, a family of African American immigrants. 

Wigles’ father was an alcoholic and his mother was a single mother. 

 The show also featured a character called the Grandfather. 

Grandfather was the eldest child of a Black family. 

 He was a successful entrepreneur and the father of three children. 


Curb Your Enthusiasm (1993)The Curb Your Ego series was a TV sitcom about black Americans in New York City. Its

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