New rules could affect diners, restaurants, tourists at national park

By TARA TAYLORAssociated PressA federal law requiring food and drink service in national parks and monuments to serve all people is set to go into effect at the end of the month.

The law would allow for the first time that non-food items such as fruit and vegetables and fresh produce could be served at parks and public lands, which could affect some foodservice operations, according to a new report by the National Park Service.

The proposal was part of the 2017 National Park Management Plan, which outlines how to manage the parks and how to preserve and preserve resources for future generations.

The report also recommends a variety of programs to help people enjoy parks, including activities that can help to keep people active, healthy and physically fit.

“It’s a major shift in our national parks,” said Steve Bancroft, a retired assistant director of the National Parks Service, who helped craft the plan.

“It’s important that the parks remain a place that people want to come, and that they’re safe to come to.”

Bancroton said it would take time for restaurants to adjust to the change, but restaurants will need to do a lot of work to prepare and get up to speed with the new rules.

The changes could affect the way people interact with the parks, the restaurants, and the tourists who visit them.

The National Park Services’ Office of Visitors Affairs said it could take up to a year before people begin using all-vegetable menus at national parks.

The new regulations would be effective on Jan. 1, 2020, the first full month that all restaurants in parks can open.

They would also allow people to purchase food at designated dining areas and restaurants.

The rules will apply to the parks in the Western United States, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and British Columbia, the report said.

It said the change would not affect foodservice in national forests or national parks in California and Oregon.

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