‘No way’: Family says they don’t have money to pay bills after child’s death

The family of a newborn baby who died on New Year’s Day have been left with nothing to pay for bills for a year.

Key points:The family say they’ve not received any money from the government since they lost the babyJody Withers was born prematurely and died in hospital on New Years Day in September2017Jody was born premature and died at the Royal Victoria Hospital in March, 2017Jody’s parents, Keith and Louise Wither, said they were devastated by their lossJody died in January 2017, just over a month after she was born.

The Wither family, who are from Brisbane, Australia, are currently living with their son in a care home.

“I haven’t had a cent from the state government, nothing,” Louise Withering said on ABC Radio.

“We’ve been left completely without any help, we’re basically homeless, I mean, we have no home, no money, no anything.”

So we’re just struggling and that’s the reality.

“They have been relying on donations from friends, family and neighbours.

But despite having received a significant amount of donations, they are still struggling to get by.”

The only money we’re getting is from people, people who are concerned about us, because we’ve got to go out and help people.

“People have been donating, they’ve put it on our Facebook page, and they’re really, really nice people, and we’ve also had people offering to help us out, but it’s all we’ve been able to manage.”

Jody grew up with her mother, Lisa Wither.

“She just kind of taught her the basics, taught her how to be a mum, how to look after her, so we’re very close to her,” Louise said.

“But there’s no money for anything, and that is a huge tragedy.”

Ms Wither said she had tried to get help from the Government, but was told she needed to make more donations.

“It’s like, we just don’t know what to do, we don’t even know what we need,” she said.

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