Royal family gets new name, new symbol for Australia

Australia has introduced a new royal family crest, with the new name “the Royal Family of Australia”, and a new symbol of Australia for its territory.

The royal family was introduced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday, and the new crest will appear on Australia’s flag and currency.

The new crest features a royal crest of an orange-and-white rose and a white background, which symbolizes the new territory.

Australia’s sovereign flag features a red crown on blue fields and a star on the front, with two white dots on the sides.

The two dots are also the symbol for “The United Kingdom of Australia”.

The Australian flag has a gold-and red field.

Australia has been divided between two countries, and it was the only nation in the world to hold the union until 1967, when the United Kingdom formally severed ties.

The country has been ruled by Australia since 1967.

The Australian parliament is currently being reconfigured to include a new prime minister, with Turnbull taking over from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Australian Prime Minister Mark Harper said the new symbol would make it easier for Australians to understand and relate to the new state of the union.

Harper said he wanted to make sure that everyone had an accurate sense of Australia’s history, and that the new emblem would help that.

Australia is now the first country in the Western Hemisphere to officially recognize the Royal Family as a recognized sovereign nation, according to the United Nations.

“It’s a wonderful moment, and a very good moment, for the Australian people,” Harper said.

Harper, a member of the Australian royal family since 1959, said he was pleased with the result.

“I think that this is a wonderful day for Australia and for all of us in the Commonwealth, and for the world,” he said.

Australia joins a handful of countries that have adopted the new royal crest, including the United States, China, Mexico, and South Korea.

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