‘Saw it for the first time’ in India as tourists see new art for the ‘first time’

With India’s tourist season underway, it’s only natural that there will be more of the new art on display.

We spoke to some of India’s most prolific artists to find out how they are seeing their new works.

“When you’re coming from a different place, you tend to see a lot of things,” said painter Anupam Sengupta.

“In India, it is always something new and different.”

Sengupta’s latest work, titled “Panchayat,” is part of the National Gallery of Art’s new collection of paintings from across the country.

Sixty paintings by Senguptas’ “Pancake” and “Tiger’s Eye” series are part of an exhibit called “Sagarmatha,” which opened earlier this month.

The new show has been curated by Saksara Devi, curator of India at the National Museum of Art, which is part-owned by the Indian government.

“Sagarma has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and it is a part that I want to explore,” Senguppas told MTV News.

“It’s an important part of India, a part I want people to learn about.”

The painting was created from the collection of artist Senguattas own collection, which includes “Saktara Devi” from the famous Hindu Mahasabha and “Bharatiya Tilak” from famous poet Ramayana.

“I’m not a painter who is a visual artist,” Saksar says.

“But I have always had a passion for art, and this painting is an important piece of my collection.”

The painting depicts the scene of a family on a street in a Hindu temple in the city of Varanasi.

The painting, which was commissioned by a group of young people from Varanasis, was commissioned as part of Saksa’s “Saksar’s Pandit” project.

“Paparama, the temple, is a symbol of a lot that we are in,” Sakeptas said.

The artist added that “the temple is a place of worship and the people are just coming here for worship.”

This painting, commissioned by Sakepta, is part the National collection of art.

Sakseras family was visiting Varanas in 2010 and he saw this painting as a reminder of his family’s life.

Saksa and his wife, Nita Devi, moved to Varanas from Chennai in 2002.

They now have two children and three grandchildren.

They’re the founders of the family art gallery in Varanas. 

Sakserhas first show in Varas, “Pasadima,” took place in 2013.

In the exhibition, the artist painted three different landscapes: a cityscape, a landscape of flowers and a landscape with an image of a river.

Sengupton said the work shows his vision of the Indian landscape.

When it comes to his painting of the river, he says it is “an extension of the painting ‘Panchaya,’ which was part of his ‘Pasakthita’ series.”

He had the idea that there are different landscapes in the river,” Sakesh says.

He said he was trying to make it a landscape that has a different meaning to different parts of the country, “to tell the story of India and its people.

We are looking at the past and trying to tell a story of hope and hope in the present.

“Saksara is the author of the book “A Senguatva Sutra” (The Story of India), which was a finalist in the 2016 Indian National Book Awards.

She’s also a regular contributor to the New York Times and CNN.

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