Tattoo artist on ‘The Biggest Loser’ wins Teen Choice Award: ‘I think I’ve got an issue with the way my body looks’

Teen Choice Awards winners were announced on Sunday, with the first-ever Teen Choice winner of the season, a tattoo artist named Kaitlin D’Agostino, winning the Teen Choice award for her work.

D’Agustino, 22, has been tattooing since she was 14 and is a member of the National Tattoo Coalition.

She says she was “in love” with the idea of tattooing when she first started in 2012, when she decided to start her own business.

“I think a lot of people are looking for something different,” she told MTV News.

“I feel like I’m a part of the community and the tattoo community.

There’s so many different types of tattoos that I’ve done, and I’m not just looking for one, but all of them.””

The idea of tattoos is so different, and there’s so much different styles that are being done.

I think that I was in love with it, and my parents and I really wanted to be able to be my own artist, and not just be a part-time artist, because that would make me feel like this isn’t my real self.

I wanted to put all my energy into my tattoo and make my own style, and it’s been something that I’m really passionate about,” she continued.”

The more I work with the artists that are out there, the more I get to know them and their families.

I really feel like there’s a bond between these people and the artists.”

D’Acostino’s first tattoo came on Jan. 6, 2012, on her right arm, which she had already been tattooed on in the previous three years.

She said she started to feel different when she started taking more and more selfies with her boyfriend, and was more attracted to people who were looking for tattoos, like her friends and family.

“It was a good time, it was a very fun time, but it was definitely a time of growth for me,” she said.

“Now, I’m in love.

It’s just a different thing, but I think I’m going to keep on getting better and better at it.”

D-Agostini, who has been working as a tattooist for three years, said she decided on the tattoo idea after her boyfriend was “very interested in the whole tattoo business.”

She said she felt her tattoos were “very unique” and felt she could make her own style and not have to rely on anyone else.

“Tattooing has always been an art form, but now I feel like it’s the best art form that I can do because it’s so different and it takes so much creativity,” she added.

D-Aguostino said she wants to continue to work with different artists as long as she can because “it’s something that we’re all going to grow together.”

“Trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do and how I’m making money is the same thing, it’s just the same challenges that everybody else has, and this is just the best way to go,” she concluded.

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