The family cast a spotlight on the royal family

A cast member from the new hit ABC show “The Bachelor” told ABC News that her family is the family she wants to live in.

“My mom and dad are a very special part of my family.

I grew up in an area where there was never enough food and my dad had to work at the factory.

That’s a part of our story, the hard work and the sacrifice,” Lauren Duran told ABC news.

“We’re family.

That is the biggest part.

It’s the part where we have to have a certain way of life and that’s what I want to do, but at the same time, I have a family to support.”

Duran’s mom, Marlene Duran, is also the mom of Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton.

Duran said she and her husband, Ben Duran were the first parents to have three children together.

“They were always very loving, caring, thoughtful people, and it was hard to put into words the love and respect they had for each other,” Duran explained.

Duran said her family always has been “focused on the big picture” and that her mom’s love of the outdoors made her the “perfect mom.”

“She’s a big outdoors person and she has a natural gift for getting out and enjoying the outdoors,” Durans said.

Durans family is also known for its family dynamics, Duran added.

Duran, who recently married her longtime fiancé, told ABC that the couple has a great relationship.

“I love Ben and I love Lauren and we are a couple of very lucky people.

It is great,” Durann said.

She added that the family is a very close-knit group of people.

As Duran was speaking to ABC News, Durans husband, Matt Duran Jr., took to Instagram to share his gratitude for the support from the Durans family.

“It’s amazing.

My family is so amazing, especially the kids,” Durgan said.

“And the love that they show me is amazing.

I’m so grateful for the whole family.”ABC News’ Laura D’Alessandro contributed to this report.

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