The royal family’s secret war against Hollywood

The family’s Secret War Against Hollywood, a series of letters and articles, first appeared in the New York Times on October 16, 2016, as a response to a piece in the November 2016 issue of Vanity Fair about the alleged relationship between the family and Hollywood.

In the letters to Vanity Fair, the family claimed the family was not involved in the decision to hire David Geffen as president of Warner Bros.

In their correspondence, the members of the royal family were very careful to avoid criticizing Hollywood, instead saying that the “royal family does not have any relationship with the studios or anyone associated with them.”

However, the letters reveal that in their effort to discredit the Hollywood studios and the studios’ business model, the royal families were also trying to silence and discredit those who were critical of the family.

The letters reveal the efforts to silence those who voiced concerns about the family’s business practices.

For example, the letter to Vanity Faire stated that “I am deeply offended by your characterization of our family as the biggest business in the world.

Your characterization of the monarchy as the ‘sole owner of the world’s greatest film empire’ is a lie.

I am deeply saddened that you have used that statement to dismiss us as a business.”

The letters also reveal that during the early stages of the crisis that erupted in the fall of 2016, members of royal family met with Hollywood executives to discuss the future of the company.

One letter to the New Yorker writer, which was dated October 21, 2016 and addressed to David Geffens son, Daniel, reads, “I have to warn you that the king is about to be deposed.

We have to put a stop to this.

If we don’t, the entire business model of the kingdom will implode.

You may not believe this but if we don’ t, it will.

There is no going back.”

The New Yorker article, which covered the same time period as the Vanity Fair article, also exposed a “secret” family plot to “destroy” Warner Bros., and it was this secret plot that ultimately led to the downfall of Warner Brothers.

In that story, which also described the plot to take over Warner Bros, the article wrote that the royal’s son, Prince Harry, who is currently attending college, “has been told by his mother that he can be a movie star if he does not work for the royal household.”

The royal family did not reveal what was in the letters, which were written by David Geffer, who served as an executive producer of “The Apprentice,” and his son, Joseph Geffer.

The letter to Variety, which detailed the internal crisis at Warner Bros and the company’s response to the crisis, is below.

The Washington Post has obtained a copy of the letters.

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