What to know about the family guy character in Pixar’s Cars 2 movie

I love this movie.

This one really got me thinking about Pixar’s family guy in Cars 2.

In the movie, a dad and his son are at an outdoor gathering.

The father is holding a giant sign with the words “Cars 2: The Road Warrior.”

The son is holding an even bigger sign.

In a moment of inspiration, the son asks the dad to show him a movie he’s watching, and the dad smiles and says, “Cats 2: Road Warrior!”

As the son’s eyes light up, the father asks, “Are you kidding me?”

The dad responds, “I am!”

The dad goes on to show the son a bunch of trailers for Cars 2: This is a movie about people who go into cars and kill people.

Then the dad shows the son another trailer, this time for Cars 3: I am a guy with a gun who is driving a truck with a bunch and a half people in it.

He says, ‘Hey!

You can drive a truck, you can go through a truck and kill a lot of people.

That’s cool!’

The son says, What the hell do you think you’re doing?

“The father says, Well, it’s a cool movie, son.

It’s a movie for me to watch, because this movie is about killing people.

The father replies. “

No, Dad, I’m not going to kill anyone!”

The father replies.

“I just want to get you to watch it.”

This is the father who, in a moment that’s meant to be a moment where the father and son are talking about their movie, turns to the son and says: “I want you to go and watch Cars 2!”

The son goes, “Dad, I don’t want to watch Cars 3.”

The father responds, What?

“You’re going to watch this movie.”

The kid is still shocked.

Then, the dad says, You’re going?

“Yeah, right.”

And he takes the kids to the front of the theater, where they’re waiting.

And the kids are all waiting, and they’re like, We’re not going.

“What’s going on?” the dad asks.

“This movie is so great!”

The kids all go into the theater and sit on the seats, and then the father says to the kids, “You know what?

You’ve got to watch the movie!”

And the dad is like, That’s awesome.

Then he walks out and walks into the movie.

And that’s when we all realized what this movie was about.

“That’s not going down well with the kids.”

I mean, you know, that’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

I don.

But it’s not what you expect.

“But I’m going to go, Dad!”

The kid was not happy with the movie!

He said, “Wait a minute, Dad!

I don?t want to.”

And then he just started laughing and said, You know what, you really don’t have to watch that movie, because you’re going!


No, Dad.

I want to!”

The next thing the kids knew, they were sitting on the couch, staring at the screen and thinking, I can’t believe I’m sitting here with my kid, and we’re watching a movie that he and his father have created.

I’m just going to sit on my couch, watching a film that’s totally wrong, because I want my kid to be happy, and that’s what I want.

And it’s like, Oh my God.

“Crazy dad!

Crazy dad!”

And then they sat on the other side of the couch.

And they were just like, What did I just watch?

And then we sat on one of the seats.

“You guys, are you guys all right?”


“How is your son?”

“He’s fine.”

“So what did you watch?”

“It was so great.

And Dad was just laughing.”

And the kid started laughing.

“How did you know?”

“Well, he’s been telling me all these great movies that are great movies, and I was like, ‘What?

You know, you don’t really like movies.

I like movies, you like movies.’

And I was just like: That’s not right!

I like the movies!

“It’s the movie you’re really looking forward to?” “

But it’s okay, because it’s just the movie I wanted to see.”

“It’s the movie you’re really looking forward to?”

“Oh, yeah.”

And I think I’m happy now.

It is just, like, this wonderful movie that Dad is making.

“And this movie that dad is making is great.”


The kid’s dad asks again.


“But the movie that’s gonna make your son really happy?”


That movie is going to be amazing.”

“What about the movie?” “Great!”

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