What’s the best way to make a family dinner in Canada?

It’s a question that’s been asked before.

But there’s a new answer from the Food Network and it’s not pretty. 

Forget the white family restaurant; there’s also the white American family restaurant, and this one is all about the family dinner.

The network has a new cooking show, Family Dinner, where the two-person team of hosts (guest judges) make up a family-style dinner that includes everything from pancakes to pasta. 

The show, which is being filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, features some of Canada’s best chefs from the culinary world, including the popular Sour Patch Kitchen chef Andrew Langford.

It’s a very unique and creative approach to the dinner concept, which was created by Langford in 2015 and is now available on YouTube. 

According to the show’s Instagram account, Langford’s cooking techniques and ingredients are inspired by what his family cooks, but also from the local ingredients they grow. 

Langford has been working with his family to create a dish inspired by the Vancouver food scene, but it’s also a show about family dining. 

“Family dinners are great,” he told CBC Vancouver.

“We’re trying to create the perfect family dinner for family and guests.” 

For more information, head to the FoodNetwork.ca home page. 

You can also watch the FoodNet video above. 

There are no plans to launch Family Dinner on the FoodChannel.ca platform. 

This is the first time we’ve seen this new version of the show, but Langford says the concept has been tweaked to better reflect the Canadian food scene. 

What do you think of the new show?

Have you seen the new version?

Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Instagram, FoodNetwork

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