When Irish passengers cancel their holiday in the US, they are likely to be stuck on the island of Ireland

Travellers travelling to the United States from Ireland will have to deal with a host of extra costs in order to fly on the U.S. mainland.

The Irish Government has announced that a “cancel-away” system will be implemented for travellers returning from Ireland and New Zealand and will apply for any non-essential tickets in advance.

While Irish travellers will be able to cancel their holidays with no cost, those travelling to or from the U-S.

are expected to be subject to the new system.

The Government said in a statement: “For a limited time, Irish travellers who are on an international holiday in America will be entitled to a “go-away ticket” to cancel a domestic flight, but will have a 10 per cent cost reduction for any domestic flights.”

The Government also confirmed that non-travellers would be required to pay an additional $200 fee.

While the cost of cancelling a flight will be deducted from a traveller’s travel bill, the Government will not be able go-away tickets for international passengers, except in the event of an emergency.

“For international flights, the Irish Government will only be able issue a go-anywhere ticket for an individual travelling from Ireland to the U, S or Canada for up to four consecutive days without charge,” it added.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that the system was designed to help ensure that “anybody who needs a go home or cancel their flight can do so without the need for a cancellation fee”.

Travellers who want to cancel from Ireland must book a ticket on their own before flying to the US.

Travelers travelling to New Zealand will also need to contact their local travel agency.

“It’s likely that a number of countries will be affected, as we’ve seen with the situation with the cancellation-away system and the new restrictions on Irish citizens,” Mr McGovern said.

“We are aware of the impact on Irish nationals who are returning from New Zealand.”

The Department said that it will also be “looking at how the system can be made more transparent to help individuals and businesses better understand how it will affect them and their families”.

“For the time being, the new policy applies only to domestic flights from Ireland, and will only apply to international flights from New York to New Jersey, as this is a common carrier operated by American Airlines,” it said.

Mr McDonagh said the Government was working to develop a list of countries that will be impacted by the new travel rules, and would be working with Irish Government officials and airlines to find a way to accommodate them.

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