Which family feuds will you watch next?

A family feud is a fight between two families in which the rival family members fight over control of the family.

Family feuds are the most common type of feud in Australia, and they’re a huge part of our lives.

A family feud could be a battle between two family members or two different families.

This year’s family feud season has seen four major family feud seasons in Australia.

Here are our top family feud episodes from 2017.

First up, the ‘Family Matters’ family feud series.

The first family feud was a feud between Peter and Julie from the 1970s.

They were a couple in a tough spot, Peter was a successful musician and Julie a schoolteacher.

Their fight was fierce and, according to Julie, she “went ballistic”.

Peter and Julie were married for just five years, and it was a “family affair” as the couple had their children together.

Peter told the ABC that he and Julie had “a love affair that lasted for years”, but it was the end of their marriage when Julie got pregnant.

“It was a huge shock, it was almost a betrayal.

I was in a bad place, I was angry, I thought I was going to lose everything,” Peter told the Sunday Telegraph.

Julie, who was married for seven years, told the Daily Telegraph that her husband was “a great man, great leader, great father” who “gave his life for his children”.

“He was the biggest guy you could ever meet.

He was the kind of man who wanted to see people he could be proud of, people who he was proud of.

He loved the children, loved his children, he loved his wife, he was the type of man that was going places,” Julie said.

In this episode of Family Matters, Peter and his ex-wife Julie go to the funeral of their daughter Olivia who was killed in a car crash.

Pete and his family have been devastated by the death of their son Adam, who went missing in 2017.

He left behind a young son, Dylan, and a younger daughter, Emma.

Adam had been working in an advertising agency and was “an absolute trooper”.

Paying tribute to Adam, Peter wrote on Facebook that he was “the type of person who had no problems with people”.

After Peter and wife Julie divorced, they became “a new family”.

They moved into the house Peter and Emma owned with their two young children, and Peter started working as a sales manager for a financial firm.

He was then employed at a construction company.

After he left the firm, Peter’s wife Julie asked him to take up a new role.

At the time, Peter said he “loved” his wife and they “had a lot of children together”.

Julia told the Sun she and Peter “worked hard to be together, and had a wonderful life together”.

“We’ve been married for 10 years, we’ve had four children, our three grandchildren, and we’ve been together for a decade,” she said.

“We are all in our 60s now, and have been through a lot.”

But now, Peter says his family is “disconnected”.

He said his daughter Olivia has been living with him “because of the divorce”.

This is the first family war Peter and he have ever fought.

As the season progressed, Julie and her husband Peter had an ongoing battle with their own family, and even had to deal with Peter’s ex-partner and a rival family member.

Both sides had their own feuds, and Julie was “uncomfortable” with Peter.

It was during the first war between the Julie’s and Peter’s family, that Peter and Olivia “broke up”.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald that she had to get a “special person” to help her and her children, as she was “very stressed”.

It’s a battle Peter has yet to win.

On the other side of the coin, Peter has won two family wars, losing one.

When he was 12 years old, he “brooded over a loss of his parents’ relationship” and became “very emotional”, Julie said in a statement to the ABC.

I have always been a very positive person.

I’ve always been positive, and I’ve never been depressed.

But the fact is, I am very sad that it’s over.

And I have been very hurt and disappointed that it has come to this.

So I am going to get over it.

I am ready to move on.

She added: “It’s not going to be easy.

We have to be honest about what’s happened.”

Peter’s son Dylan was found in the backyard of his mother’s home.

Dylan was found after his mother and Peter had a fight about the disappearance of their young son Adam.

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