Which family insurance company is best for families and their children?

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Family Tax Credit family insurance (FTC) is one of the best ways to ensure a fair income for your family.

For more information, read our guide to FTCs.


Family Benefit (BF) is another excellent way to help your family, with some family tax relief on top of the savings that you’ll be able to claim on your own.

The main benefit of BF is that it is available in a wide range of different income brackets, from the very low to the very high.

You can also take out a small amount of your income tax benefit, up to the maximum amount allowed, in the form of a tax deduction.


Child Tax Credit (CTC) also comes with a significant tax benefit and can help you if you’re eligible for a child benefit, as well as for the other benefits offered by the family credit.

You may need to pay a small monthly penalty to cover the amount you receive, but you can usually claim a refund in the same way as for a standard tax credit.


Child Support (CST) is a very popular choice for families.

It provides a low monthly contribution and tax relief up to a maximum of €250.

You’ll only have to pay tax if you are earning more than €70,000 a year, so you may be able pay as little as €100 a week if you work part-time.


The Family Tax Benefit (FTB) can help to provide a lower monthly contribution to family tax credits.


The Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) is also a popular choice, as it offers a very low monthly income tax relief, and is available to people with incomes up to €60,000.


Tax reliefs and tax credits are available for the majority of family benefits.

You will need to get approval from HMRC for your benefit, and you can claim them up to your annual maximum income limit.

However, you should be aware that if you claim a tax credit you may need the full amount you received to cover any amount of any tax relief or tax relief you have not yet claimed.


You should not be able for example to claim an amount for a mortgage if your income is below the maximum income limits, as you would need to make a claim for any tax credits that were not claimed.

However you can also claim a mortgage interest deduction on top.


The National Child Benefit (NCB) is only available to families that are members of the top 20% of income earners.

You must apply for it to claim a maximum income of £18,000 for your tax year.


If you live in Scotland, the Child Tax Credits (CTCs) scheme offers a wide variety of family tax credit options and you will need HMRC approval for them to be available in your area.

For details, read this guide.


A further range of family benefit options are available from the European Family Protection Programme (EFPP).

The EFPP offers a range of tax reliefs to help families who need support in the event of an accident, disability or illness.


It is important that you know your tax situation and that you have the resources to cover your expenses.

You also need to be sure that you are in a position to pay the full cost of any benefits that you may have been entitled to. 13.

Family tax relief is available on a range, and it is often cheaper than the tax relief offered by your tax credits, so if you have to choose between a tax relief and a tax benefit it’s a good idea to take the tax credit, if possible.


For further information on family tax and child benefit payments and tax deductions, read the tax guide.

What you need to know about family tax Credit and tax refunds: How do I claim tax credits?

You need to apply for a tax refund if you earn more than £18.000 per year, as shown on your income declaration.

This can be the amount that you receive from your tax credit or tax credit allowance, or the amount your family benefits payments.

You need a refund if the amount is more than the maximum possible amount that your family can claim for child benefit.

How do you get a refund?

You can claim a financial refund for your child benefit or tax credits payment in the UK if you: are an adult working in the private sector; are aged over 50; or are over 60 years old.

You only need to claim your refund if it is above your tax-free threshold (the amount you earn before tax and the amount of tax that you pay).

You can’t claim a personal tax credit payment, which is the amount paid to the government, such as a Jobseek or National Living Allowance.

You cannot claim a child tax credit in Ireland.

You are entitled to a tax-filed refund if: you are the spouse

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