Which family restaurants have the highest prices for their guests?

The royal family’s family restaurant chain has been hit by a massive surge in the cost of meals.

News24 can reveal the prices of Royal Family family restaurants across Australia, including family restaurants in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, have risen by an average of 27 per cent.

The company’s website states that the cost has risen by 29 per cent in New South Welsh, 20 per cent across the board in Queensland and 22 per cent nationwide.

A spokesperson for the Royal Family restaurant chain confirmed to News24 the increase in prices at their Melbourne branch has been due to a recent increase in staffing costs, but refused to reveal the exact figures.

However, the spokesperson confirmed the family restaurant had recently raised their rates, which are currently at $2.70 for a standard serving of food.

They said the increase is due to increased staffing costs and is in line with a general tightening of staffing costs across the chain.

It said the majority of the increase was in Queensland.

It has been reported that the price of Royal family restaurants has increased over the past 12 months due to staffing costs but the spokesperson refused to comment on that.

They did say the average price of a standard meal for an average family has gone up from $2 to $2,100.

The spokesperson said the company was in discussions with its network of restaurants, and it was not aware of any increase in staff costs for those restaurants.

They also declined to comment about any increase of costs at Royal Family restaurants.

The spokeswoman said the family restaurants were still offering some of the best value for money and the average customer was still able to get the best price from the family.

The spokesman also declined comment on the impact of the rising costs on the businesses business, as the Royal family was in talks with its franchisor.

They have previously stated they would not raise their prices if the franchisors rates went up.

The spokesperson also declined further comment on whether Royal family businesses would be able to retain staff if their rates increased.

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