Which royal family members will you miss the most?

Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite moments are usually those that give her the best of everything she has to offer, but her first birthday was an exception.

While most of the royals got to spend their days enjoying their favourite foods, there were a few who had a special moment in the garden.

The Queen’s sister Princess Elizabeth II was a true queen at the height of her powers and enjoyed the view from her terrace.

Princess Elizabeth, now 86, was born on July 4, 1911 and received her formal education from the Queen at Westminster Abbey, before attending Cambridge University.

She was given a formal education in law, but in her first year of university she was elected to the Queen’s House of Lords, becoming the first female to ever be appointed to the prestigious court.

After becoming the youngest ever Lady of the House of Commons, she became the first Lady of England, becoming one of the longest-serving members of the royal family.

But for some of her contemporaries, it was a much happier time in the palace.

At the height that Queen Elizabeth was living in her office, a number of the country’s most prominent members were in attendance.

In 1919, the first meeting between the two monarchs took place at Buckingham Palace, with the Queen having her first meeting with Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

They were greeted with cheers from the crowd and she was invited to sit next to the Duke of Edinburgh, who was then the Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles and Prince Philip were in the royal suite, having been granted permission to meet the Queen for the first time.

He also received an invitation to the Royal Club at Windsor Castle and was the first person to ever visit the palace for dinner.

Following the Queen and Prince William’s wedding on April 7, 1922, she hosted a special dinner in honour of the new Queen, with King George V, Prince Harry and Princess Elizabeth in attendance, as well as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Although Prince Charles did not make the trip, he was seen to enjoy a lavish dinner at the house, with his entourage accompanied by his two daughters, Princess Margaret and Princess Eugenie.

His royal brother, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, joined him at the meal, with their two daughters sitting in the same room as the Prince and Duchess.

It was not long before they had guests to entertain as well.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Prince William and Duchess Kate made a stopover in Windsor Castle to celebrate.

On May 20, 1922 – the day after the wedding – the Duke visited the palace with the Duchess.

There was a royal ball, and the Duke made a surprise appearance at the Princess Margaret’s wedding reception.

Duchess Kate and Prince Harry were also on hand, with Kate’s first son, Prince Charles, and Prince George also at the wedding.

However, as soon as the Queen left the royal residence, it became clear that the family were not going to be in attendance at her wedding.

Instead, Prince George and Princess Anne were scheduled to be there.

Queen Elizabeth II had no choice but to send her family away for the occasion.

A royal dinner was held the following day, with Prince Charles invited to a royal dinner with his wife.

There was also an invitation from the Duke to dinner with the Duke.

And as he left the palace, the Queen invited the entire Queen’s family to join her.

Charles, Kate and George were all present and were taken to the gardens.

Once they arrived, the King and Queen embraced and held hands for a moment before they were taken upstairs to the King’s chamber, where they stayed for the duration of the ceremony.

The event was also a time of reflection.

On the evening of the wedding day, the royal guests had dinner together in the King Henry VIII’s chamber and, when it was time for them to leave, they left with Prince Edward, who had been granted the honour of leading the procession out of the palace and to the cathedral.

This time, the procession was much smaller and was held at St James’s Palace.

Even after the ceremony, the family still enjoyed a private lunch with the King at the Palace Hotel.

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