Why are we so obsessed with our teeth?

We don’t really talk about the ‘noodling-like’ effect of our teeth on our breath, according to Dr Prakash Singh Srivastava.

In a series of videos, Dr Srivashan has been highlighting the fact that the way we look at our teeth can have a significant effect on our ability to regulate our breathing.

In the first of his videos, titled The Noodling Effect, Dr Singh explores the effect of brushing, the type of brushing and the amount of time between brushing to see what effect that can have on your breathing.

The second video, titled Breathing with your Mouth, also explores the different types of mouth strokes that are available and explains the process behind them.

In the third video, called Breathing in Your Mouth, DrSrivashani explores the effects of tongue and lips on the breath.

In all of these videos, you can see how different types and styles of brushing can affect your breathing and the way your body reacts.

Dr Sravastava has been using these videos to educate his audiences about the different mouth strokes available, as well as their effects on breathing.

To learn more about this research, click here

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