Why the American Family Association should not be considered the ‘family’

The American Family Assn., a conservative lobbying group, has released a new report calling for Congress to stop all federal grants to domestic violence programs.

The report is a response to the recent spate of domestic violence lawsuits brought by women accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of sexual assault.

The Family Research Council, a conservative Christian lobbying group that has lobbied for the Clintons for decades, released a similar report in April.

“We think the American family is a family of rights and liberties,” said Lauren Pearson, executive director of the Family Research Institute.

“It is an institution that protects the individual and the family.

And if there’s a conflict between those two, we believe it should be resolved by the courts.”

The Family Association, which represents more than a half-million members, has been at the forefront of the “War on Women” movement, which aims to make women’s rights a priority.

The Family has been involved in a number of lawsuits over the past few decades.

It was named in a 2006 Supreme Court case, which ruled that the group’s legal defense fund could not be used to pay the salaries of a lawyer for a domestic violence case.

In response to recent lawsuits, the organization issued a statement in August saying it is “committed to standing up for the American families and their rights to protect and maintain their most basic freedoms, including the right to access justice.”

In the new report, the Family argues that women who file domestic violence cases are disproportionately female, and it is the responsibility of the courts to make sure those cases go through a fair, impartial and unbiased process.

“The Family and its affiliates work diligently to ensure the right of victims to be heard, and the right for the accused to be convicted,” the report reads.

“They are the ones who will bear the burden of ensuring justice for women.”

In its latest report, a spokesperson for the Family says that “the Family is not the only organization working to stop abuse and violence.

We are the first.”

The American Family Institute released a statement to ESPN Criing in response to this new report.

“The Family’s report, while flawed and incomplete, does not represent the view of the American public and should not influence any future decision on domestic violence,” said the statement.

“We believe in a free society where all people have equal access to justice.”

The report comes as more women in the U.S. are seeking to file domestic abuse and sexual assault claims against Bill and Clinton, and some Republicans have criticized the Clintons as a family abuser.

Bill Clinton and his wife, former President Clinton, were accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women in his years in office.

Bill Clinton’s attorney, Kathleen Willey, said in May that Bill Clinton has not been accused of any crimes by the women who came forward.

As part of the report, Pearson also noted that the Family has “strong support” for the right-wing views of conservative Christian groups like the Family Institute, and said she hoped Congress would “stop all federal funding to domestic abuse programs.”

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