Why the parents of a 3-year-old girl who had a rare form of birth defect are fighting for her right to family members

A little-known family video is sparking a fierce battle for her future, as the family battles for control of her family tree and how she is treated by her parents.

The family, which includes three siblings, has a rare genetic disorder that causes birth defects in the brain and spine, and in one of her fingers.

They are part of a rare group called congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), which affects about a quarter of people, but has rarely been reported in children.

The girl, known only as Jane, was born in January and received a full-term birth.

Doctors at a private clinic in Texas found she was pregnant with twins and delivered them on April 14, according to her family’s lawsuit.

She has been under a shroud of secrecy, even from her birth mother and siblings, who have refused to speak to anyone.

Jane’s parents say the girl was born a healthy girl and that she is their only child.

But that has not stopped her from becoming a target for medical professionals and the public.

The lawsuit, filed by Jane’s sister, a medical doctor and a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, seeks to end what they say is a hostile medical system that is conspiring to harm Jane’s life.

Jane, who is now 2, was diagnosed with CAH in her teens and spent months in intensive care before doctors discovered she had another genetic disorder.

CAH is rare in children, and experts say the condition can cause more serious birth defects.

“I have never known the pain of being separated from my family.

We have a lot of respect for what they are going through,” said Jane’s mother, Melissa Gaskins.

“I’m not going to sit back and do nothing.

I want her back.”

The suit alleges that while the family was working on Jane’s genetic testing, they received a phone call from the hospital that said the girl had a genetic mutation.

The hospital referred Jane’s parents to a pediatric neurologist who was in the middle of a private clinical trial.

The neurologist referred them to a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University, where they were given two options: take Jane to a specialist or let her live her life.

Gaskins said she and her family decided to go with the specialist.

The specialist suggested Jane be sent to a hospital for the birth of her babies, a decision Gaskens said she didn’t take lightly.

Jane was born at 3 months old, and she was given the name Jane.

Gaskin said she wanted her daughter to have the name she would know in the future, but she has always known she was a girl.

Jane had her first child at 8 months old and has lived with her biological mother since then.

She says the parents have been abusive, and the doctor who treated her has called the family “toxic.”

“She’s been treating us like we’re mentally ill, that she’s crazy,” said Gaskinns daughter, Taylor.

“She just feels like we have no rights.”

Gaskin says she feels “embarrassed” by the family and is afraid to take her daughter with her when she is on her own.

Jane says she has suffered bullying and that her biological parents have called her a “whore” and “daddy.”

She says she wants to return to the family home, but Gaskinas’ attorney, Michael Breslin, says they will fight to keep the girl under wraps until her father receives the medical results from Johns Hopkins.

The doctors at Johns, which have denied any involvement in the case, have not responded to requests for comment.

Gavin Gaskinic, a Johns Hopkins spokesman, said the hospital did not have an ethical obligation to disclose information about Jane’s birth or to allow her to live a normal life.

“We are confident that this is a family matter, and we have been advised that this matter is before the court, not the family,” Gaski said.

“The hospital and its attorneys have not been advised of the facts.

We expect to be vindicated in this matter.”

A spokeswoman for Johns Hopkins said the university did not comment on pending litigation.

The hospital’s lawyer, Daniel Grossman, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether Johns Hopkins was advised of Jane’s medical condition.

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